GliderCon 2018 Vendors

The following vendors are registered for GliderCon 2018 and will be bringing many of their items to sell. Please show your support of our vendors by visiting their tables during the convention when vending is open. If you know of a specific product you would like to buy, it is strongly recommended that you contact the vendor ahead of time so that they can make sure they bring that product for you. The listings below have links for the vendor sites and Facebook pages, plus a list of products the vendor plans to bring with them. Please visit their site and/or Facebook page for a more great products! 

The Pampered Glider:

Owner: Karen Milas


The Pampered Glider on Facebook

Items Karen plans to have available:

  • Wombaroo Products
  • Travel Gear - including Weekenders and Day Packers
  • Crocheted Pouches
  • Glider Treats

Suz' Sugar Gliders:

Owner: Suz Enyedy



Items Suz plans to have available:

  • Pouch Pocket Hoodies
  • Happy Flapper Pouches
  • Happy Glider Toys
  • Happy Glider Garden/Fountain Toys
  • Rejected Joey Supplies
  • Acacia Yogurt Yummies
  • Carmela's Delicious Treats (for humans)

TLC Sugar Gliders:

Owner: Debbie Smith

TLC Sugar Gliders on Facebook

Items Debbie plans to have available:

  • Hanging Toys
  • Straw Bundles
  • Floor Toys

Nocturnal Guardians:

Owner: Shauna Sidnam

Nocturnal Guardians on Facebook

Items Shauna plans to have available:

  • Cage Sets (include pouches, hammocks and bridges)
  • "Snuggle Me" Specialty Pouches

Jax & Opie's Glider Toy Parts

Owner: Suz Enyedy

Jax and Opie's Glider Toy Parts on Facebook

Items Suz plans to have available:

  • C- Clips in various colors
  • Charms
  • Bangles
  • Chain 2mm and 3mm in various colors

Flying Carpet Suggies LLC

Flying Carpet Suggies on Facebook

Items Mary plans to have available:

  • Unique, quality made toys
  • Unique, quality made cage sets

DR Cages and Accessories

DR Cages and Accessories on Facebook

Items David plans to have available: 

  • Boricua Trees. With tray or without.
  • Wheels


MysugargliderToyBox etsy page

items Cyndie plans to have available:

  • Stealth Wheels

Fuzzbutt's Suggie Accessories

Fuzzbutt's Suggie Accessories

items Lyn plans to have available:

  • Toys
  • cage items

The Suggie Pitt

items Brooke plans to have available:

  • Fleece Vines
  • Logs
  • perler stuff
  • floor toys

Flying J Gliders

Flying J Gliders

Items Robyn plans to have available:

  • Glider Activity Trees
  • Bucket type pounces
  • toys



Items Anita plans to have available:

  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • bracelets 
  • Misc Jewelry