GliderCon 2018 Sponsors:

The Glider Initiative is deeply grateful to the following sponsors for their support of GliderCon 2018. To help show them appreciation, please visit their websites via the links and purchase their products. Thanks! 

Gold Sponsors ~ Donation Value: $1000

The Pampered Glider

  • Wombaroo Products
  • Travel Gear
  • Crocheted Pouches
  • Treats
  • Screen Play Purses
  • Change About Purses

Silver Sponsors ~ Donation Value: $500 -> $999

Suz' Sugar Gliders

  • Happy Flapper Pouches
  • Pouch Pocket Hoodies
  • Happy Glider Toys
  • Garden & Fountain Toys
  • Acacia Yogurt Yummies
  • Carmela's Delicious Treats (for humans)
  • Rejected Joey Supplies

*Glider Family Sponsors*

Flying Carpet Suggies LLC

  • Unique, quality made toys
  • Unique, quality made cage sets

*Joey Sponsor*