**GliderCon 2020 Policies**

  1. Only pre-paid registered guests may be inside any area (conference room or home) rented for the GliderCon Conference.  
  2. Registrations are made in the name of the person registering for the event. Registrations may not be transferred without first consulting with the event coordinator.
  3. Refunds are available for any cancellation that is made in writing to the event coordinator prior to July 11th, 2020, after which, reservations are non-refundable. Once a cancellation is received in writing, your reservation may not be transferred to any other individual.
  4. Reservations for any person may be refused at the discretion of the event coordinator.
  5. Any person causing a disturbance at/surrounding the conference (including online) may be asked to leave the conference area and/or Any other Onsite location for GliderCon. If you are asked to leave, you will not receive a refund for your reservation and will not be permitted at future events. 
  6. Selling of products from private hotel rooms is strictly prohibited.
  7. Only sugar glider products and items with sugar gliders on them (t-shirts, etc.) are to be for sale during the event. 
  8. All products for sugar gliders should be unique to the seller and glider-safe. If items are found to be in violation, you will be asked to remove them from your table by the event coordinator(s). GliderCon reserves the right to refuse exhibiting privileges. If you have questions regarding this, please contact the event coordinator.
  9. All exhibitors must also be a pre-paid attendee of GliderCon.
  10. NO PETS, other than sugar gliders and certified service animals, are permitted in the Hotel and conference areas.

Due to the number of individuals that will be in the conference areas, we do request that you refrain from using perfumes/colognes.
It can get overbearing in a large group for others and we try to be considerate of those that may have allergies.

  • I hereby acknowledge that photographs and videos will be taken during GliderCon to be used for promotional and educational purposes (includes any printed material)  and the registrant(s), by attending, acknowledges and permits the use and/or publication of these photos and videos without compensation of any kind.
 The coordinator(s) of GliderCon, sponsors, successors and assigns, are not responsible for any personal or property damage, injuries, lost or stolen items during your stay.